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Georgia Art Museum

Find Local and International Pieces at the Georgia Museum of Art

July 18, 2016

If you’re an art lover, you’ll be glad to know that Georgia’s state art museum is located right in Athens, so it’s a quick trip from Hotel Indigo. The Georgia Museum of Art keeps admission to all of its exhibits free of charge, so you’ll be able to easily explore anything currently available in the museum.

As with many other museums, The Georgia Museum of Art maintains a permanent collection with a wealth of paintings. Unusually, it also offers a permanent exhibition of specifically Southern decorative arts, so you can get more of a sense of local history through this collection of textiles, pottery, silver, and even hand-crafted furniture.

If you happen to be in Athens during July and August, you’ll also have the chance to see their summer exhibitions: a wood art collection showcasing modern design, a survey of handmade print pieces from the well-renowned Mixografia workshop, and contemporary pieces in their sculpture garden attempting to capture the motion of wind. A day at this museum will leave you with an understanding of local, historical art and how it relates to the international artistic community. Be sure to check out the museum’s events calendar before you arrive—you may get the chance to join in on a special tour, a guided conversation about a work of art, or a viewing of an artistic film.

When you’re full up on art, you can stay nearby to get full up on food, as well. For a more intimate, romantic meal, you might try Five & Ten, where you can get a high-end three course meal along with a glass of wine or a nice cocktail. For a more casual and classically Southern choice, there’s also George’s Low Country table, where you’ll have choices like fried okra, shrimp and grits, and cheese biscuits.

Once your day starts to wind down, you can return to the Hotel Indigo Athens for another drink at the Madison Bar & Bistro, which is as close to your hotel room as it gets.

Address: 90 Carlton St. Athens, GA 30602

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